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Drink spiking protectors

To avoid sexual assault by chemical submission use our drink spiking
Chemical submission

Our drink spiking protectors (cup covers) to prevent chemical submission provide maximum protection.

Chemical submission is a practice that consists of administering drugs or drugs to a person to carry out criminal acts (robbery, harassment, abuse and sexual assault) or take advantage of their voluntary consumption for these acts.

Therefore, chemical submission uses the addition of another substance to a drink to cause someone to change the way they behave and potentially make them more vulnerable to the variety of crimes already mentioned. It can happen to any drink and the method may include:

  • Adding alcohol to a soft drink.
  • Adding additional volumes of alcohol to an alcoholic beverage.
  • Introduce “date rape”, illegal or prescription drugs into any beverage.
In addition to alcohol, other drugs or drugs that are commonly used are products such as burundanga, ketamine, fentanyl, atropine, rohypol, GHB… They are colorless, odorless, tasteless substances that can be easily diluted in any liquid.
tapavasos antidroga | tapavasos sumisión química

Any of these substances, mixed with the drink, makes the person lose their will completely.

The authorities indicate that they are crimes “facilitated” by drugs in which the aggressor takes advantage of a woman “with diminished will”, in a state of unconsciousness or semi-unconsciousness and who will later also suffer an “amnesia that will make it difficult to tell the facts”.

If drugs have been added to the drink, it’s unlikely to look, smell or taste different, so people often don’t report incidents because they don’t think they have any evidence, don’t remember the details or feel embarrassed.

Some Facts About Chemical Submission

Chemical submission attacks are on the rise all over the world. Some reports indicate that up to 15% of women have been drugged with alcohol or drugs. Typically, four out of five victims are women.

Victims between 18 and 24 years old
0 %
Cases that go unreported
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Chemical Submission Cases
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Tapavasos adhesivos antidroga
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Our drink spiking protectors, the best solution

Our drink spiking protectors against attacks that use chemical submission to commit sexual assault, robbery, extortion, and abuse offer maximum security.

Only from €0.09

Examples of our drink spiking protectors

Keys to avoid being a victim of chemical submission

tapavasos antidroga | tapavasos sumisión química

This is how our drink spiking protectors

We are committed to an economical, clean solution with a great capacity for customization: our drink spiking protectors to prevent chemical submission that prevents any foreign substance from entering the content of the glass. 

Our drink spiking protectors are a round stickers that covers the glass and only space for a straw to drink. The protectors are customized according to the wishes of each client (the design in CMYK must be supplied by the client).


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